School Clubs

ECO Club

1) To inculcate an appreciation of nature amongst students.

2) To encourage learners to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives to sensitize them about environmental degradation.

3) To create a clean and green Consciousness in environment .

4) To motivate learners to imbibe habits and lifestyle for minimum waste generation. The club encourages students to participate in community activities relating to environment.

Heritage and Cultural Club

1) To develop awareness of varied cultures ,its festivities ,dress ,food ,and clothes amongst learners
2) To develop multiculturism attitude amongst learners
3) To develop cultural tolerance amongst learners.

Reading Club

1) To develop flair for English language amongst learners.
2) To sharpen their LSRW skills.
3) To create an English speaking environment in school campus
4) To develop a platform for learners to develop communication skills
5) To develop stage courage through different activities.

Science & Technology Club

1) To harness scientific temper, spirit of inquiry, research aptitude and thinking skills in Learners.
2) To trigger interest amongst learners to find out new discoveries and gappenings around the world.
3) To equip the students in application of science and its interface with society.